Beglar D., Murray N. Inside Track to Writing Dissertations and Theses

Beglar D., Murray N. Inside Track to Writing Dissertations and Theses
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L.gman | 2009 | ISBN: 0273721704 | 256 pages

Get the Inside Track to Writing a Successful Dissertation!

Become a better academic writer and communicate your research & ideas fluently and successfully whatever your discipline, prior knowledge or level.

Successful Dissertation Writing will guide you through the whole process of writing an academic dissertation, developing your ability to communicate your ideas and research fluently and successfully. From conducting research, working with a supervisor, understanding and avoiding plagiarism, right through to using feedback and editing to improve your work and your skills, it will ensure that you understand and master the more technical elements of producing well-written academic work.

With the in-depth understanding of what is involved in writing a successful academic dissertation that this book delivers, you will be better prepared to deal with producing a high-quality dissertation, whether you need to learn the basics of dissertation writing from scratch, or are already a proficient writer but in need a little extra specific help

Key features of this book include:

· Rationales, strategies, examples, and tasks designed to increase your confidence, motivation, and sense of achievement

· Examples of the different genres and purposes of academic writing

· A glossary of useful terms

· Instruction on the use of software packages, e.g. Endnote

· Advice on conducting academic research

· Recycling/cross-referencing of concepts and ideas for ease of use


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